Usually, the replacement of the furnace goes hand in hand with air conditioner installation. There are instances when this is not the case.

We want you to know that we are here to serve any air conditioner installation needs you might have. Your old Air Conditioner is not as energy efficient as the new one that will replace it. We always recommend that you plan for the replacement of your AC unit well ahead of the time you think you might need one.

When you make a large purchase under stressful circumstances, you may not choose the best equipment for your needs at a price you’re willing to pay. That’s one of the reasons we recommend regular maintenance checks. Our techs will let you know if it’s time for you to start the process of choosing your next Air Conditioner and HVAC equipment purchase. We’d love the chance to help you with your Air Conditioner Installation when the time comes.

We offer our customers Trane and Bryant brands of HVAC equipment. Each brand has several options. We’ll present the choices that best suit what you are looking for in the budget that makes you comfortable. Air Conditioning specifications that may be most important to you could include efficiency, noise levels or value for the money. 

We’ve been installing Air Conditioning equipment since 1971 and are experts at delivering a high level of service along with excellent brands of equipment.

When it’s time to choose a new AC unit, you know who to choose to install it: contact or call Lower at (785) 357-5123 for a quote today.