Furnace Service, Proper Yearly Maintenance helps avoid Costly Furnace Repairs

The best way to avoid spending money on unplanned repairs is to call for furnace service and yearly maintenance. Have your furnace checked to avoid potentially expensive breakdowns and repairs (a furnace usually has problems on the coldest day of the season!) During your maintenance appointment, one of the basic things the tech will do is clean the coils and replace your filter. Regular maintenance extends the life of your system. You change the oil in your car consistently for the same reason. Changing the oil in your car keeps your engine and car’s parts lubricated and working correctly. Scheduling twice-a-year maintenance for your heating and cooling system is the same thing. Furnace Service for a well maintained and efficient system

Your furnace is only used a few months out of the year. All mechanical equipment needs attention to operate efficiently and effectively. Regular furnace service helps to keep your unit in tip-top shape. It also extends the life of your unit! HVAC equipment is a big investment. Replacing it is not cheap. But replacing aging, inefficient equipment and then maintaining it will help lower your energy bills. Also, regular furnace service will alert you to any potential problems or repair needs that can be planned. 

For immediate repair or to schedule a maintenance appointment, contact or call (785) 357-5123. Lower will also repair or service your commercial equipment.