When your furnace is not working, and it’s cold outside, you wanted someone to fix it yesterday. Freezing temperatures can be dangerous, especially for the very young and the very old. When your heat goes out, make sure you call us for furnace repair. (Homeowners wanting to avoid the surprise of furnace repair at an inconvenient time may want to consider a regular service agreement for twice a year checks of your system.)

We are the experts in Furnace Repair. Topeka, KS calls us and has for over 50 years!

Get expert Furnace repair in Topeka, KS from Lower Plumbing, Heating & Air, Topeka, KSAs a heating and air service company, we repair all makes and models of equipment for furnaces systems: gas and electric, heat pumps, and boilers. Most furnaces are in the basement of the home. As a homeowner, you want to be able to trust all the service personnel who come into your house. You can trust the techs at Lower. Most of our techs have been with us for a very long time. We know when we send someone from our company into your home, they carry our reputation with them. Your trust is essential to us. You can trust the skills and expertise of each one of the techs on our team.

How can you avoid costly furnace repairs? 

The best way to avoid spending your resources on unplanned repairs is the maintain your furnace each and every year. Have your system checked to avoid potentially expensive breakdowns and repairs. (A furnace usually has problems on the coldest day of the season!) During your maintenance appointment, the tech will clean and replace your filter. Regular maintenance extends the life of your system. You change the oil in your car consistently for the same reason. Changing your car’s oil keeps your engine and the parts of your car lubricated and working correctly. Scheduling twice-a-year maintenance for your heating and cooling system is the same thing.

For immediate repair or to schedule a maintenance appointment, contact or call (785) 357-5123. Lower will also repair or service your commercial equipment