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Heating and Air Conditioning Service

Keep your HVAC system running efficiently with a heating and air conditioning service from Lower Plumbing Heating and Air Topeka, KS

Finding an honest mechanic is like hitting the lottery and cars need maintenance to last longer and run more efficiently. They have many moving parts that work together and can wear out. The same can be said for HVAC equipment and technicians. Regular maintenance is needed for all HVAC systems and finding a knowledgeable and honest technician is essential. Knowing who to call when heating and air conditioning service is required gives you peace of mind.

Furnace MaintenanceKeep your HVAC system running efficiently with a heating and air conditioning service from Lower.

Annual heating and air conditioning service can help your entire HVAC system run more efficiently. Much like a car engine and its transmission, the furnace and AC units work together for whole house comfort. When colder months come around, service on your furnace is a good idea. Avoiding heat issues before they crop up can save you from waking up to a cold house in the dead of winter. During a furnace maintenance visit, the coils and blower are cleaned, all moving parts are lubricated and checked, and the filter is replaced. All connections are ensured and proper ventilation established or maintained. The entire furnace is looked over for any issues or worn parts.

AC Maintenance

After the winter cold begins to move on, and warmer temperatures are on the horizon, having your AC serviced is a wise choice. Similar to a furnace service visit, when maintaining an AC unit, all parts are checked. Testing, cleaning, filter replacing, lubricating and checking is all done in one visit. Extending the potential life of your unit is the primary goal by increasing efficiency. The harder your AC unit has to work due to problems or worm out parts, the shorter its potential lifespan. 

Lower Heating and Air Conditioning Service

Many of us often take our heating and AC for granted. But just like any large equipment or significant investment, your HVAC system needs maintenance. Waiting until you have a problem can be much more expensive in the long run. Not only can heating and air conditioning service increase efficiency and extend the life of your system, but it can save on monthly energy bills. Service to your system can also alert you to potentially fatal issues coming in the future. This is important should your system need replacement. Knowing your furnace may not make it through the next season can help you budget for replacement or extensive repairs. When you call on Lower Plumbing, Heating & Air, Inc., they can provide honest evaluations, letting you know at what point that replacement may be better than repairs. They will send out an experienced and knowledgeable technician that you can trust. Lower is interested in having you as a customer for life. Learn more about Lower the company and why they’ve been in business since 1971. Then call (785) 357-5123 or contact Lower online to get your heating and air conditioning service calls scheduled.