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Get Furnace Service to Keep your system running smoothly

When should you call for furnace service? Furnace service should be done regularly to ensure proper operation. The frequency of maintenance depends on the age and type of furnace, but it is generally recommended that an annual tune-up be performed in the fall before cold weather sets in. Additionally, it may be necessary to call […]

Heating and Air Conditioning Service

Finding an honest mechanic is like hitting the lottery and cars need maintenance to last longer and run more efficiently. They have many moving parts that work together and can wear out. The same can be said for HVAC equipment and technicians. Regular maintenance is needed for all HVAC systems and finding a knowledgeable and […]

Rory Brees, Co-Owner Lower Plumbing, Heating, and Air

Rory Brees began working for Lower in January 1997. He started working for lower straight out of high school. When he was 19 years old, Rory started as a plumbing apprentice and advanced to his plumbing journeyman certificate and then to his Masters three years later. He was a new construction field employee for several […]

Scott Emperley, Co-Owner, Lower Plumbing, Heating and Air

Scott Emperley has worked at Lower since 1993. He started as an apprentice and worked his way to management. In 2014, Scott and Rory Brees were approached by the owner Chuck, to consider purchasing the business. In 2016 the business was purchased by Scott and Rory. Lower started in sheet metal and HVAC service and […]