New Home Construction – Plumbing & HVAC

Congratulations! You’ve decided to build a new home. New home construction is an exciting time. It can also be overwhelming when it comes to all the systems that go into a home. When you take the plunge into new home construction, you want to do it right. Building a home means you can choose the layout and options that fit your lifestyle. It’s a big time and money commitment. You want the people and companies working on your new home to provide quality workmanship.

New Home Construction HVAC

After a new home’s foundation is poured and framing installed, everything that goes inside the walls is next. That includes plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems. Developing and installing an HVAC system properly in a new home is of the utmost importance. Ductwork throughout the home distributes heated or cooled air. Systems that are ill-planned can cause cold or hot spots and rooms that are never comfortable making that space useless. Strategically planning indoor and outdoor unit locations and properly placed ductwork and vents is unique to every new home. Lower Plumbing, Heating, and Air in Topeka, KS can do it all. They have the knowledge and experience to create an ideal HVAC system in your new home. They will create a computer layout of your home and plan the entire system. They have a complete in-house shop, fully stocked with supplies to design and build custom ductwork. Their sheet metal fabricators have years of experience. Your new home construction HVAC system will be completed and installed in the time frame promised. They will work with the other construction vendors to make sure all systems will work together.

Need Plumbing Too? – Lower Can HelpNew home construction is less stressful when you have quality companies installing important systems such as HVAC and Plumbing.

Additional systems may also be needed in your new construction. Water lines, gas lines and interior plumbing are essential. Just like HVAC installation, Lower can provide complete plumbing services. From pipes to fixtures, they can do it all. Outfit your home the right way with quality installation, workmanship, and equipment. Your forever home needs great water pressure, consistent hot water, and fabulous fixtures. Rely on Lower, a one-stop-shop for HVAC and plumbing, two majorly important systems in a newly constructed home.

Lower Plumbing, Heating & Air Inc.

Building your dream home may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Get it done right the first time so you won’t have to deal with constant repairs and issues. Lower has been serving the Topeka, KS area for over 45 years in residential and commercial HVAC and plumbing. They have the experience to help with your new home construction. Are you remodeling your home? Adding on? No matter what the situation, call Lower at (785) 357-5123 or contact them online to discuss your needs and get a quote. You’ll be glad you partnered with the experts at Lower.

Hard Water Problems

Hard water is something that affects nearly 85% of the homes in the United States. But what exactly is hard water? Regular H2O often has trace amounts of minerals in it like iron, magnesium, calcium or aluminum. These minerals can come from the water moving through limestone, soil, lakes, and rivers or even older plumbing pipes. Hard water is H2O that contains a high mineral count. These extra minerals are not necessarily bad for you, but they can have some unpleasant effects on the water you use in your home. In addition, these water sediments can carry harmful bacteria along with them. So how do you know if you have hard water?

6 Signs you have Hard Water

Hard water issues can be irritating. Learn how to spot the signs of hard water and how to fix the.


Stains – Excessive iron in your water can lead to reddish-brown stains in your toilet, shower, and sinks. These stains can be very difficult to clean away.
Taste – Water that tastes metallic, like dirt or smells like rotten eggs can indicate a hard water issue.
Soap Scum – White spots on your glasses and dishes could be caused by hard water. Calcium deposits are left behind after the water dries in the dishwasher. This scummy coating can build up anywhere you use water in your home.
Shower Issues – The minerals in hard water react with the soap you use in the shower, making it less effective. It can be difficult to lather up and to rinse away all the soap, leaving residue on your skin. Mineral build up can also clog the shower head reducing water pressure.
Clothes – Laundry detergent won’t perform as well when hard water is present. Clothes can become dingy and stiff. Iron stains can also discolor your clothing and yellow your whites.
Skin Irritation – Leftover soap on the skin can cause dry skin. Dry skin often leads to itchy skin and general discomfort. Those with sensitive skin can be greatly affected and even develop eczema.

Hard Water and Plumbing

All these signs of hard water in your home are frustrating. On top of all these inconveniences, hard water can have a terrible effect on your pipes. Hard water builds up scales of mineral deposits on the inside of water pipes in your home. Just like the arteries in our bodies, continued build up can be disastrous, leading to many plumbing issues. This constricting of water can lead to excessive pressure on your water pipes and backup issues.

The good news is that the addition of a water softener to your home plumbing system can alleviate those issues. A water softener will remove the extra minerals in the water, including calcium, magnesium, iron and more. Improved taste, odor, and effectiveness of sap are only some of the many benefits of adding a water softener. No longer worrying about the buildup of mineral scales on your pipes will give you peace of mind. The plumbing experts at Lower Plumbing, Heating & Air Inc. in Topeka, KS can install a water softener in your home. You’ll be amazed at the increase in quality of living you will experience. Should you have pipes that are clogged or backup problems caused by hard water, Lower can repair those as well. Call (785) 357-5123 or contact Lower online to get your water softener installed quickly. You’re going to love it.